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Leicester Coffee House Blog

  • Focus on a Farm: Toca da Onça - Brazil

    We met Luciana here in Leicester on her visit to the UK in August 2022 and were delighted when we were able to buy her amazing coffee and she agree...
  • The Coffee House Therapists

    Many of you know that we have rooms we rent above our shop and currently we are renting to these wonderful people who spend their time supporting ...
  • Borrow Our Walls Artists 2023

    We have invited local artists to 'Borrow Our Walls' and will be hosting a changing shop front for people to exhibit and support the sale of their work. All sales are direct to the artist, we are simply lending our walls and sharing on our social media channels some of the creativity that Leicester has to offer. 
  • How to Make Good Coffee at Home - V60

    A V60 offers a lighter, cleaner way to taste the true delicate flavours of coffee. In this guide, Leicester Coffee House Barista and resident pourover expert Zoe Da Silva Sweetman, gives her tips on how to get the best out of your V60 pourover.
  • Manual Brewing - Making Quality Coffee at Home

    There are so many ways to brew coffee. You don’t need a fancy espresso machine to have quality barista level tasting coffee and you are also not limited to using that French press hidden in the back of your cupboard. In this blog, Leicester Coffee House Barista focusses on the types of manual brewing methods that you can explore and master easily at home. 
  • Focus on a Farm: The Coffee Gardens - Uganda

    Its really important to us that our coffee should have a fantastic flavour and is sourced sustainably, ethically and with traceability. The Coffee Gardens in Uganda not only has amazing coffee, but works extensively with the local farming communities. We are delighted to introduce a very special guest blogger - Shakeel Padamsey from The Coffee Gardens - to tell us more...
  • Borrow Our Window - Schedule of Artists

    We have invited local artists to 'Borrow Our Window' and will be hosting a changing shop front for people to sell their work. All sales are direct ...
  • How to Make Good Coffee at Home - Cafetière

    How to make great coffee with a cafetière
  • Sustainable Milk Direct From the Farm

    It is really important to us to use milk which is locally sourced, sustainably delivered and most importantly, provides the quality that we require in our milk based drinks to make them taste so good! Charlotte from Vine Farm Dairy tells us more...

  • The History of Leicester Coffee House Company

    The Leicester Coffee and Cocoa House Company began life on 25th July 1877. We took our name from this company that combined commercial profit with...
  • How to Brew Good Coffee at Home – Moka Pot

    How to make great coffee with a moka pot


  • Welcome to our new website! 

      We hope you like our new website.  In addition to finding out more about us, you can purchase beans via one off orders, enjoy discounts when you...