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Borrow Our Walls Artists 2023

We have invited local artists to 'Borrow Our Walls' and will be hosting a place for local artists to exhibit their work. Each exhibition will run for the duration of the month. Any sales will be direct to the artist but we will help facilitate this with no charge. See the details below for upcoming artists with links to their Website / Instagram.

January - Nicky Chong / Fish Jeffery 

Nicky Chong:
Nicky is a digital photographer who explores both colour and black & white photography in order to capture the moment to its fullest. He tends to capture abstract still-life images but is also often seen experimenting with different portraiture styles and different techniques within his images.

Fish Jeffery:
Fish is an experimental film photography, reviving old film cameras and putting them too good use. She'll shoot anything if its grainy, old or looks pretty. She's worked with countless film formats and uses them in tandem with modern technology to bring the nostalgic film warmth to every shoot.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 
February - Jadie Stones
Jadie stones is an upcoming local artist who is self taught and gets her inspiration from a variety of cultures and photography, she loves to paint portraits using acrylics.                                                                                                                                                                                                                            
March - Nahima Vinodrai

Nahima is mainly an experimental and street photographer capturing people and architecture. For this High Street Heritage Action project, she has produced some images that capture the restorations and change in Granby Street by juxtaposing old and new photographs of the buildings.


April - Anton Amoo


Anton Amoo is a local artist from Leicester, who mainly creates abstract artworks

Each piece of his work starts from the same place, an emotion, and he uses this as a catalyst for each piece. His work varies from abstract, portraiture abstract and expressionism, each one exploring emotions, identity and a feeling that sometimes words cannot describe. Anton would like to think each piece is a moment captured than never can be duplicated, after all, emotions are just energies in motion.

Instagram / Facebook @AntonLevyAmoo.Art / Email 


June - Aiden Milnthorpe

Aiden's works are currently focused on examining the depths of human experience through the eyes of the self. For him, this means delving into strong trauma-informed experiences. Removing colour from his work, the artist forces the viewer to pay full attention to his use of tone, composition, and subject matter. The artist uses these elements in an attempt to draw upon the viewer's own life experiences, and form a connection to the art through a sense of familiarity, regardless of whether it is a direct relation to his own experiences or not.


July - Georgina Cousin

George has been steadily taking photographs for most of her life, finding a rare place of peace in the moment between seeing the shot and capturing it.

Most times she searches for beauty in unlikely places but the Scafell series for the Leicester Coffee House Company was shot in the Lake District in 2022. The stunning beauty of the scenery and the exertion associated with hillwalking lent themselves to a traditional square format black and white theme.

This exhibition is kindly sponsored by Richard Fletcher.


August - Karen Kirk















A local artist who has produced a range of paintings in tribute to the late Vivienne Westwood

This exhibition is linked to the: Rage and Revolution | Punk Festival & Exhibition | Leicester


September - Conrad McEwan

A graphic artist who uses a mix of old techniques and new technology to create a blend of digital illustrations with a traditional and natural feel to them.


October - Melanie Harper

Melanie is a multidisciplinary art /design teacher and practitioner living in Leicester teaching a range of visual art subjects at A-level for 24 years.

‘I have chosen to include a selection of work that I produce for teaching resources. This is the basis of my teaching practice. Outside of that I make work for commission and fun! I also work in clay and more recently in silver, making jewellery in my workshop at home. I undertake commission work for portraits and pet portraits and jewellery. I also enjoy a good coffee and a slice of cake. Thanks to Gail and Aaron for encouraging me to show my work’.

If you’re interested in commissioning Melanie for a portrait or pet portrait you can contact her at this email address: or check out her jewellery for purchase or commision via her Instagram page below.


November - Andy Roberts

USA 1921 and Fred R Barnard introduced the phrase 'a picture is worth a thousand words' into his advertising campaigns, thus bringing it into modern use.

It should follow then that a  thousand words must be worth a picture. If only it were that simple. My images take considerably more than Fred's 1000 as well as plenty of reading, tearing, slashing, chopping, coffee and Spotify.

There are two possible conclusions from all of this :


  1. Fred was bad at maths


  1. I'm using the wrong words

See a selection of Andy's collages throughout May at the coffee house.

 Instagram @a.n.d.y.r.o.b.e.r.ts


December / January - TBC