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Borrow Our Walls Artists 2024

January 8-27th - Andy Roberts (continued from 2023)

USA 1921 and Fred R Barnard introduced the phrase 'a picture is worth a thousand words' into his advertising campaigns, thus bringing it into modern use.

It should follow then that a  thousand words must be worth a picture. If only it were that simple. My images take considerably more than Fred's 1000 as well as plenty of reading, tearing, slashing, chopping, coffee and Spotify.

There are two possible conclusions from all of this :


  1. Fred was bad at maths


  1. I'm using the wrong words

See a selection of Andy's collages throughout May at the coffee house.

 Instagram @a.n.d.y.r.o.b.e.r.ts


February - Magz King - Ceramic Artist

Magz King is a ceramic artist inspired by the natural world. She delights in highlighting intricate details, using the interplay of different high fire glazes.
Magz loves fossils, and and gets very excited about all that can be found in a hedgerow.
Facebook @MagzKingCeramicArtist
Instagram @magzking_ceramicartist

22nd March - 26th April - Format Festival


FORMAT is a leading international festival of contemporary photography & related media.

Photography often facilitates a journey through time. At a more fundamental level, photography allows us to capture people, places and objects that might have been lost to history, giving us an unprecedented ability to reconstruct images of the past and revive our memories far into the future. Photography is taking a more active role throughout history. Future Now would hope to connect with the future through the imagination of photography. 

1 May- Ren Dorman

A young artist who we found drawing in the coffee shop and invited her to exhibit.

‘My name’s Ren and I’m 19 years old. I’ve been drawing ever since I can remember because I love art so much. My artworks mainly consist of graphite and charcoal hyper realism pencil drawings which I also do commissions on. I’d love for art to be a part of career!'

Instagram: @mochiibao

Etsy shop: @mochiibaoshop


4th June - 5th July - Collective 23


8th July - 30th August - Andrew Jackson

"My work is mostly pencil on paper, mainly black and white, and largely illustrates travels, experiences and encounters from my own life. "


September - TBC


October - Knighton Lane Artists


A selection of works from the Knighton Lane Artists group. 

This cooperative of artists present a wide variety of disciplines. 

The group have open studios and an offsite Exhibition each year. 

Some studio members offer bookable workshops throughout the year. 

The group meets for discussions and critiques monthly.


November - Andy Roberts

Revisited! See above


December - TBC