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How to Brew Good Coffee at Home – Moka Pot

A Moka pot is a great way to enjoy coffee at home. It is an easy and cost effective way to get espresso style coffee without the need to buy an expensive coffee machine. The Bialetti is a good brand that can be used on gas, electric and induction hobs.

For best results, follow these steps:

  • Use your favourite good quality coffee.
  • Fill the pot with hot water from a recently boiled kettle up to the safety valve. Using hot water stops the pot getting too hot and over extracting which will give a metallic and bitter taste.
  • Use a fine to medium grind. For the best flavour coffee should be ground just before you use it.
  • Place the filter basket in the pot and fill it loosely to the top. Level off the grounds with your finger and tap the pot on the worktop to allow the grinds to settle and evenly distribute throughout the basket. Do not tamp the coffee.
  • Screw the top back onto the pot using a tea towel as it will be hot. Take care not to overtighten.
  • Place the pot on the stove and using a medium heat, start to brew your coffee ensuring the handle is not over the heat source. Brew with the lid open to let the steam out.
  • Within a few minutes, you will start to see the rich brown liquid coming through the spout. Once it has gone a lighter brown colour, remove the pot from the heat, close the lid and serve straight way into your warmed cup. Do not leave the pot to brew too long as it will over extract and leave you with a poor, metallic tasting brew.
  • Enjoy!