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Bolivia - Sol de Manana
Bolivia - Sol de Manana
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Bolivia - Sol de Manana

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  • Country – Bolivia
  • RegionCaranavi
  • Farm – Sol De La Manana
  • VarietalRed Caturra
  • Process – Natural
  • Cup Score – 87
  • Altitude – 1570-1650 masl

Tasting Notes: 

Cherry, Tangerine, Dark chocolate, Toffee apple, Silky body

Farm Overview:

When we blind tasted tasted this coffee we all said "Shazam!! - this is the one!" This beautiful natural coffee from Sol De La Manana Bolivia has a richness and complexity which is truly enjoyable and we all loved it!

Nestled in the high mountains of Western Bolivia lies Caranavi, part of the La Paz region. This area is the heartland of small-scale coffee production, with producers typically managing between 1-4 hectares of coffee plantations. These plots are family-run operations, with every aspect of the work carried out by family members.

Located in the province of Caranavi, the community of Villa Rosario is home to 30-40 families. Blessed with the perfect combination of soil, weather and altitude, Villa Rosario has all the necessary ingredients to produce exceptional coffees.

During the harvest season, families deliver the hand-picked cherries daily. Each cherry is individually selected to ensure it has reached the peak of ripeness, transforming from green to a deep, crimson hue. Multiple passes are made over each plant during the extended harvest period. 

Upon reaching the processing station, the cherries are de-skinned to commence the fermentation process. They are put through a mechanical mill which cracks the skin, revealing the sweet, white pulp within that boasts exotic flavours.

After fermentation, the coffee cherries are dried on raised platforms. They are diligently turned by hand to guarantee a constant airflow on all sides of the seed, preventing any potential for rot.