We serve single origin coffee and offer you a choice of our fresh beans roasted on site or a guest decaf. All our drinks are created through a Marzocco PB espresso machine. We serve 18 grams of coffee in each drink and fine tune the grind setting to maximise the unique flavours of each bean. This ensures the perfect shot each time.

We use organic full fat milk in all our drinks as it offers a really creamy texture and enhances the flavour of our coffee. We always stock a dairy milk alternative, usually a foamable oat milk.

In addition to coffee, we serve a range of teas, hot chocolate, soft drinks, beer, cakes and snacks.

View of the Leicester Coffee House Co coffee shop

OUR Coffee

Did you know that the same great coffee we serve in the coffee shop is also on sale for home delivery?
If you’d like to buy some of our beans either come into the coffee shop or contact us.

Here are our current coffees…

El Salvador - Los Pirineos

From Gilberto Baraona, 15 times Cup of Excellence winner in El Salvador. 

Ethiopia – Limu Kossa

Grown amongst native trees in the South Western Highlands of Ethiopia, this organic coffee is grown on a meticulously maintained farm and dried in the sun for 7-10 days.

Nicaragua – Flor Silvestre

This coffee comes from a collective of small farms in a high altitude and Cup of Excellence winning area of Nuevo Segovia, Nicaragua.

We will soon be offering an online ordering service where you’ll be able to buy one-off or regular orders of our fabulous roasts. Watch this space for more details.

Leicester Coffee House Co roaster


We source our beans from a supplier with established collaborative supply chains that ensures mutual profit and positive social impact for the coffee smallholders. Our selections are based on quality and flavour, with high traceability and impact at origin.

Our coffee is roasted in our Granby Street coffee shop on a small 1.2kg Probatino roaster. As a micro roaster, we roast little and often to ensure that our coffee stays fresh and tastes great.

Our Story

Leicester Coffee House Company combines good quality, ethically sourced, locally roasted coffee with supported learning opportunities for young people. 

We have been roasting coffee for 5 years and deliver it to customers via mail order. Our coffee shop is based in an historic building in Leicester’s Granby Street. 

We took our name from the original Leicester Coffee and Cocoa House Company that began life in 1877. This company combined commercial profit with the benefit of townspeople and it too opened its first coffee shop on Granby Street. 

The idea of a community project running through a coffee business is one that we have been developing for some time. We will provide not only fantastic coffee for the people of Leicester and beyond but also ensure that opportunities for young people to flourish are at the heart of what we do.

A cup of coffee in the Coffee Shop
A cup of coffee in the Coffee Shop


Setting up a coffee shop and roastery was not enough for us. We wanted to embed social value and purpose throughout the whole business.

Many young people face unique challenges and find traditional learning difficult. They want to work but need some guidance, direction and the opportunity to learn in a different way.

Inspired by a student and now working in collaboration with Keyham Lodge and Millgate Schools, we provide learning opportunities for young people with individual needs to flourish. They will be supported with employment and training opportunities, helped to develop confidence, transferable employability skills and get ready for work. There will also be the opportunity to develop entrepreneurial skills through a range of connected micro-business projects.

At Leicester Coffee House Company, we provide opportunities to develop the attitudes and behaviours they need to succeed.



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110 Granby Street
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Monday-Friday: 8am – 4pm
Saturday: 10am – 5pm
Sunday: Closed